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Civil Rights Violations At Work


Hostile Work Environment/Ethnic Harassment

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Your Workplace Should Be A Place To Build Your Career, Not Experience Harm


Your work environment – whether in an office, a classroom, a construction site or a virtual setting – should be a place where you are judged on your ability, not irrelevancies like race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age. It should never be a place where you dread going because of abuse, harassment, or fear losing your job. State and federal laws are there to protect you from harassment, discrimination and the violation of your civil rights on the job.

Your strongest weapon when fighting back against inappropriate and unlawful behavior aimed at you at work is an experienced attorney with expertise in employment law. In my firm Wilbur Smith, P.C. I focus on advocating for employees confronting unlawful behavior from co-workers, supervisors or managers. In my 35 years as a lawyer, I have handled hundreds of cases in civil court for employees. Often, I can negotiate a settlement that compensates you for the harm you have suffered, but if we need to take your case to court, I have the strategic and analytical skills developed through years of trial and courtroom experience.

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I have found that the key to success to representing plaintiffs in employment law disputes is to put myself in their shoes and understand how their experiences have harmed them. It is essential for me to listen to what has happened so I can determine the degree of damages caused and  the amount of compensation that is equitable.

My legal career and life experiences have taken me around the globe, so I can empathize with clients from all walks of life. During my two years as an international law advisor in Afghanistan, I saw firsthand the psychological damage caused by bigotry, harassment and discrimination in the absence of strong legal standards to hold perpetrators accountable. As your attorney, I will skillfully call out inappropriate and unlawful behavior, including hostile environments in the workplace harassment based on ethnicity, race, sex and other protected classes; sexual harassment; and the violation of your civil rights at work.

If you have filed a case with the EEOC, I can also help you if you have received a Right to Sue/90-day letter and wish to pursue litigation. I can advise you on which court system to file your lawsuit and the chances of success, given the circumstances of your situation.

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I have more than 35 years of legal experience. Learn more about my unique blend of work experiences and how they have honed my skills in representing plaintiffs in employment litigation.

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