Representing Employees In Discrimination And Harassment Litigation


Has Your Employer Violated Your Civil Rights?

Many employment lawsuits stem from actions like discrimination and sexual harassment. These can be considered civil rights violations, but the category encompasses more than these types of actions.

I’m attorney Wilbur Smith, founder of Wilbur Smith, P.C. For more than three decades, I’ve been fighting to protect the rights of workers, including their civil rights. Keep reading to learn more about civil rights violations and how you can respond.

Examples Of Civil Rights Violations

We all have rights that include (but are not limited to) the right to privacy, safety, fair compensation and equal treatment under the law. An employer might be violating the employee’s civil rights when company representatives:

  • Create an unnecessarily dangerous working environment and fail to provide remedies like safety equipment and training
  • Search through employees’ personal belongings without a valid and pre-announced security concern
  • Conduct unequal pay practices based on gender or other protected characteristics
  • Create a workplace environment that promotes hostility toward a person’s gender, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs or other personal characteristics
  • Retaliate against a worker who blows the whistle on illegal company practices and/or refuses to participate in them

Context is important in any allegation, so the examples above are merely guidelines. To better understand your own workplace issue, you can contact our firm for case-specific guidance.

How Can You Seek Justice?

If you believe that your employer violated your civil rights at work and want to pursue litigation, your first step will likely be to report the alleged violation to the state or federal government (depending on circumstances). The government may then investigate. If your allegations are substantiated, you can then either discuss a remedy with the appropriate government agency or pursue your own private lawsuit.

My firm is ready to help you pursue a civil rights claim against your employer. If you’re not sure you have a case, you can contact me to discuss your options before taking the time to report the allegations to a government agency. During an initial and confidential consultation, I will listen to your concerns and give you an honest assessment of the strength of your case.

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